Top Producers: Have you touched base with the Top Producing Agents in your area?

To reach the top, you need to emulate the habits and strategies of those who have already reached the top. Do not make the mistake of trying to venture out all on your own when you can have mentors and people offering guidance and support to you. The difference in success between those who have a mentor compared with those who don’t is immense and astounding.

Identify the Top Producer Office or Broker

If you have to learn and follow, you might as well learn and follow from the best out there. The first thing that you need to be doing is to find who are among the top producing real estate agents in and around your area. Once you have done this, research on the strategies that they apply, the marketing that they carry out, their networks (which can help you expand your network too), and also details such as their annual revenue.

The advantage of doing a thorough research on top producing offices or brokers is that now you can narrow down your choices and differentiate between the key players and the rest.

Build a connection

It is not enough to just know the top players in your industry. It is now time to break the barriers and reach out to them. It is crucial to prepare a script before calling or meeting them. What this will do is ensure that you stick to the topic you want to talk about and avoid looking and sounding like an amateur.

Remember that they are probably very, very busy. So you need to give your best shot and be ready to meet them at a time and place that they are convenient with. If you can start with coffee, that is great, however, if the only time you get to meet them is after your bed time on a weekend; make sure you still manage to meet them!

Make notes

The whole point of meeting top producers is so that you can take their pointers and apply it to the situations that you may face. Remember that with the tactics they mention, you will probably be avoiding mistakes – and in real estate mistakes will not just cost money but also time. Take notes either physically or mentally, and remember to test them out. Another advantage of taking notes is that once you have turned those words into action and have achieved success, you can send them a note of gratitude, and this will help you foster and build better relationships.

Provide value

What will set you apart from other agents trying to get in touch with top producers? Providing value. Realize that you can provide them some service or value that they will be thankful for. Don’t let this be a one sided deal where you want them to answer a thousand questions for you without offering them something of value. What can you offer? That depends. If you or your family have a dog grooming business, for instance, you can offer them attractive package or discounts if they have a dog.

Final Word

It is great to have support and guidance of people who have been there and done that. Not only can you avoid making the mistakes that have already been made by others, but you can also bounce off your ideas and see what the experts think and feel about it. Find the top producing agents in your area and prepared to get even more success in your endeavors.

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