How to quadruple your leads and contact or network in 2016

Real estate was all about location, location, and location. Today it is about your leads, contacts and network. It is rightly said that your network is your net worth so just how can you ensure that you have the right contacts and are expanding your network at a steady pace? Thankfully, this is not rocket science and can be learned and improved upon just like any other skill. So this 2016, make sure you follow these tips so that your network doesn’t just doubles, it quadruples!

Networking is just a click away

Yes, you can attend important events and get together functions and conferences to meet the who is who in the real estate sector in your area. However not only these events are time-consuming, but there will be a limited amount of people you get to meet and interact with. On the other hand, if you have a Facebook page, a twitter account, a Pinterest and/or Instagram account that shows pictures of properties and houses – you are bound to attract more eyeballs and meet with excellent like-minded people.

Be easily available

I am not asking you to be always available and not give value to your time. What you need to do is make sure people know where to go if they are in search for your services. Have your e-mail address or contact details displayed prominently, be it on your website, on the blogs and social media sites you use or even on your business card. If you are taking calls, it will be best to state a time when people can reach you easily.

Hire a professional photographer

Once you have set up social media accounts, the first thing clients and the customer will be noticing is the place that you have to offer. Hire a professional photographer who can display the amazing reasons that make your property stand out from the rest. Also, make sure you take a professional photograph of yourself to put on your social media accounts. First looks matter, and you do not want to come off as ragged and unprofessional.

Sponsor and help out

This is a great and yet noble way to get your name around. You can sponsor an event in your locality and it will be the perfect time to hand out flyers and t-shirts that display your services. This will be a fun way to reach out to customers in a casual manner without coming off as too needy and greedy.

Newsletter and guides

Your network will immediately increase without fail if you are helping people get what they want. Publishing regular newsletters and guides that are filled with extremely important information and details about the real estate sector and how people can make the right choices will make people flock towards you for advice and tips. You can also give these newsletters to coffee places in your locality and the word of mouth is bound to spread.

Final Word

When it comes to real estate it is great if you are well informed. Nevertheless who you know is perhaps more important here than what you know. Good luck getting your word out! 

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