How To Dress According To Your Wage

Well, clothes make the man!

According to the number of independent studies, the way you dress can affect your first impression dramatically.

So, you’ve just gotten dressed for work. You’re at your front door about to walk out. You look down at your black blazer, and it’s full of lint. At this point, there are two options.

Option one take your hand and flick the lent as best you can and Option two: drive to a local grocery store or dollar store and buy a lint roller remover.

How many of you would choose option one and just walk out the door? Well, depending on the option you choose will make all the difference.

There are lots of little tips that will help you look like a great a professional as you head out into the field. Keep in mind this is your business, and you represent your business.

Understand What Outfits Suit Your Business

If your business has a dress code, follow it, no matter what!

Have a proper understanding of what outfits suit your business. If you work in a corporate world, always go to work by dressing up in a proper suit.

If your workplace has a casual atmosphere, you can give preference to short but not the cut-off ones. It is essential how you dress to work as it leaves your lasting expression on your subordinates and colleagues.

Wear Clean And Dress According To Your Body Shape

Nothing screams unkept like a dingy white shirt.

If you’re wearing a white shirt, make sure it is proper white, crisp, and ironed. Dry cleaners should be a part of your budget, and local dry cleaners should be your best friend.

 Keep a lint roller and stain pen in your vehicle or briefcase or purse. You never know when you have to attend an urgent meeting.

Make sure all of your clothes suits and dresses etc. accent your body shape. Loose or extra tight clothes highlight your body shape and spoils all the impression you were about to make.

Keep Up With The Trends

Occasionally, you should take a stroll through your local mall to see what’s trends are popular. Headed to your local Ross or marshals discount store and add a few pieces to your wardrobe. Again this should always be part of your budget and fall under upkeep.

No need to dress like a runway model, but you should look like a million bucks every day you walk out the door.

Wear Rich Colors To Signify Authority

Whenever dressing your wage, make sure you pay attention to the color.

Give a preference to the darker colors as they create a bold and strong impression than the lighter shades. If you are about to meet someone, dress in neutral shades and if you are about to give a presentation, make sure that the shades of your clothes don’t blend in with the background.

The Bottom Line

You will never like to eat at a restaurant that looks unhygienic, not clean, and is unkept? If you want your clients to respect you, it is all important for you to dress your wage.

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