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How to Stand Out in a Saturated Field

You are entering the market that is crowded. A high number of competitors doesn’t mean you cannot succeed. If you look on the bright side, [...]

How to Avoid Closing Nightmare?

The offer has been accepted, closing date is set, and you are early waiting for the deal to get done. When selling or purchasing a [...]

Which Home Upgrades Draw the Most Potential Buyers

Ever tuned into your television on the weekend and came across a home improvement show. Yes, there are a plethora of TV shows dedicated solely [...]

Staging: The Importance of It to Sell Your Home

Real estate staging is a huge part of selling a home to the potential buyer. Realtors often emphasize the elaborate display and placement of individual [...]

How to Determine Market Trends in Your Area

They say trading with the trend is trading with the flow. But in today’s world when we see a brand new trend unfolding now and [...]

3 Ways to Be Safe When Showing A Property

Working in the real estate sector means meeting new clients to show properties on sale. Holding open houses, and dealing with complete strangers on an [...]

Best Times and Locations to Advertise Properties

There’s no doubt that smart advertising is the key to marketing your property. The key to accomplishing successful sales. But how to find a surefire [...]

Professionalism in the Digital World!

Social media is the new reality. You are no longer going to be judged by your employers just by having the right degree and experience. [...]

The First 6 Months of Becoming an Agent Can Make or Break You!

First, let me congratulate you! You have passed the real estate agency exam and deserve a pat on the back. All the hard work you [...]

Cast Your Vote: How will this year’s Presidential Election affect your Real Estate Career?

The election season is on and things are beginning to heat up real quick! A lot of things are happening all over the world, like [...]