Principals, local authority, and religious leaders are all examples of people that we look up to for trust and guidance. This also holds up for real estate agents. People want to do business with the real estate agents that make them feel comfortable. There are certain things you never want to hear your real estate agent say. For instance, you wouldn’t want your real estate agent to tell you that the house you’re planning to buy was once home to a notorious drug dealer. Buyers will shy away from such a house based on a comment like that. Real estate agents need to weigh their words.  This will make sure that they’re not making any blunders.  Blunders may cause the buyers or sellers to lose interest in doing the deal.

Whether people are buying or selling from a real estate agent, they want to work with a person who they can trust. Here are 6 things that nobody wants to hear from their real estate agent.

Deceitful Comments or Suggestions

directory-1187128_640If you’re a real estate agent, avoid making any comments that hint at deception. because this will make you seem untrustworthy to your clients. For instance, if you’re helping clients in selling their property, then help them build on their strengths. Never tell them to cover up the weaknesses in their property such as holes or peeling wallpapers. Any bad advice to your clients aimed at deceiving the potential customers. This will lead your clients to question your work ethic.

Your clients will judge you based on your conduct. Win them over with honesty and trust.


Blowing your own trumpet won’t help you get anywhere unless you can prove your words with your actions. Clients may get turned off by real estate agents who’re claiming to be number 1 but fail to deliver any results.

 Rather than promoting yourself, listen to what your clients have to say. Find them the property that suits their needs. Overselling yourself will make you seem too pushy, and nobody likes a pushy realtor.

Being Unavailable on Sunday

paper-3327341_640Realtors have a tough job. The crux of their business revolves around a good reputation and healthy customer relationships. This leads to good referrals and bring in business. To maintain these relationships, realtors should always be willing to go an extra mile for their clients.

If it’s a Sunday and a client wants your help, don’t say you’re not available. Help them sort their affairs out. This will make your clients feel valued and important, and it’ll help you build your trust and rapport. But, if you refuse to help the client because it’s your off day then they may feel neglected and take their business elsewhere.

Disclosing the seller’s Lowest Price

A good real estate agent never discloses the smallest price the seller is willing to pay on a deal. They try to achieve a win-win on a property’s price that satisfies both the buyer and the seller. If the buyer finds out that the seller will accept a low price, he will never agree to pay a higher number. By disclosing the seller’s price reservations, the relator not only exhibits a low regard for the sale, but he also shows he does not care about his clients.

A strategy like this might work for a sale or two. But over time, this will damage the reputation of the real estate agent as people want to do business with an agent who can get them a good price for their home.

Disregarding the Pest Report

pexels-photo-1010267A realtor’s job is to help the buyers find the best home within their budget. This means facilitating them during every step of the purchase process. If the buyers want to get their home inspected for pests or other issues, help them find the right people for the job.

Never disregard the pest report by vouching for the quality of the house. Real estate agents are not home builders. They should not venture out of their domain by providing guarantees of safety and security in a house. Especially a house that has not been inspected by professionals.

Intrusive Suggestions

It is good to be friendly with your clients, but never cross the fine line between frankness and being too intrusive. For instance, if a buyer has insufficient capital to buy a property, never suggest them to borrow money from their parents. You are their realtor not their friend or financial advisor. Let them reach such decisions on their own accord.


Good real estate agents know that words have power and understand that their business is based on their rapport. They’re true to themselves and their clients, and earn business by helping their clients find a win-win deal. They avoid being too intrusive, too pushy and go an extra mile for their clients.