Social media is the new reality. You are no longer going to be judged by your employers just by having the right degree and experience. How you live it up in social media counts too. With the right methods, you can come off as a professional but fun loving person that companies would love to hire. More companies are beginning to do background checks on potential employees, so make sure your social media profiles are not the reason you lose out on a job even before getting it!

What happens in Vegas…

las-vegas-1620961_960_720Let what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas, not of Facebook. Using drugs and hard liquors are among the top three signs that employers look for in trying to avoid the type of person that they want joining their reputed companies. Posting the occasional picture of having a good time with friends is one thing. Uploading pictures that can be a source of national embarrassment is not a great idea.  There have already been cases of people getting divorced and losing their jobs because of the things that they have put up on Facebook, so do what the wise do – avoid mistakes by learning from the mistake of others.

Keep the sex and the bully away!

Your sexual taste, preferences and partners should be private. Keep them behind closed doors. Also, a lot of people begin to bully people just because they are behind a screen and think that there are no consequences. Wake up and smell the lawsuit! People have been fired for posting sexually explicit content online. There have been multiple instances of people from different professions who have been fired for posting their nude photos online.

Be a professional in the streets, and whatever you want to be between the sheets – but keep that within the sheet!

As for being a bully online, it is really not a great idea. Screenshots can be taken of any/all your comments and you do not want to hurt others based on their race, religion and gender preferences. Not only is this a morally wrong thing to do, but also can be a potential reason for companies to avoid recruiting you.

Say goodbye to typos

spellcheck-1292782_960_720Avoid typos like the plague! It shows a complete lack of professionalism and paints you as someone who is not bothered about giving their 100%. You might think that it is just social media, so who cares if you use poor grammar and spellings in a Facebook post or tweets – but think about this – according to a survey, spelling check and grammar mattered more to employers than gun use postings. That is how critical this is.

Also, with the advent of so many grammar and spellcheck software and apps, you really have no excuse to make glaring and obvious mistakes. Use grammarly or Hemingway and see how your writing transforms and opens doors for you in your field!  Impression matters and spelling and grammatical mistakes paint a poor picture of you.

A new world of opportunities

That is right. A new world of opportunities awaits you and your social media profiles can open doors for you that were not easy to do previously. Polish your social media profiles and have fun hustling in the digital world to be a huge success in the real world.