real estate agent dadBe a great real estate agent who keeps the needs of the client first and foremost. To take care of all the nitty-gritty details requires a lot of top skills. Patience and perseverance help too. Knowing what to say and do and how to say and do it and when to say and do it is a refined skill and not everybody has it. A good real estate agent? They definitely have that and more.

Which is something also great fathers have? Caring for your family and loved ones. Staying up for them. Anticipating what they want even when they don’t know it themselves are all great traits. Traits that a great real estate agent would also be happy to have.

Thankfully, there are a lot of things that are common between great fathers and great real estate agents. This father’s day, let’s give an ode to our father and to all the real estate agents out there. Check out the acronym FATHERS DAY as we highlight the amazing similarities between fathers and real estate agents.

1. Friendly

Find the right place for clients and earning their trust and loyalty. Just the type of dad joke that gets you viral on twitter – fathers who are also real estate agents are known for their friendliness. This works great for clients as you have a person to rely on for more than just your real estate needs.

2. Anything, Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Coffee is a real estate agents best friend. Ready to meet clients anywhere and at any time. Guzzle down tons and tons of that magic potion and we are ready to do just about ANYTHING!

3. Thrive under Pressure

Fathers thrive under pressure. Take the daughter to her swimming classes while throwing ball to your son and also having to walk the dog? Sure, bring it on. Pressure and thriving under it is just what fathers do. Ask the clients whose real estate agents are fathers to know about this truth!

fathers day tribute to real estate agents4. Hope is a good thing

Andy Dufresne said in Shawshank Redemption, that hope is a good thing – perhaps the best of things.

When you seek out your dream home, you better hope that your real estate agent is filled with hope. Fathers definitely are filled with hope. When you are running on short supply of optimism and hope, let your dad know. They just know to say the right thing at the right time, without lying about it.


5. Endless driving?!

Let’s admit it. Fathers are made for this. They were born for this. And it’s an excellent byproduct for clients. Want to visit from one end of your city to another? Sure, no problem. Let’s hit the roads!

6. Relax, we got this

Having hope and positive attitude is great. But you need to be ready to answer all the questions that your clients and children ask you. Why this? Why that? Why not the other thing, the other place? Turning complicated gibberish language to understandable human language is what great fathers and great real estate agents can do.

7. Sleep? What sleep?

Want children? Say goodbye to sleep. Want more clients? Say goodbye to sleep. See, that was easy. Now you know how we get all the paper work and contracts in time, and still have time for open houses and consultations. Oh and coffee helps too (look at point 2!)

8. Dads Describe

Dads describe situation best. They know when to apply just the right dose of tough love. Real estate agents have the right method to offering helpful suggestions that can transform your experience as a client. “Need to tackle dog odor?” – Sure we can get that done. If you are ready to offer potential solutions to your clients as a real estate agent, then know that you are also ready to raise your child the right way.

fathers day real estate agents9. Anticipation over Anxiety

There will always be something to be anxious about. Clients and children have a lot to worry about. Here is where fathers and real estate agents can play the right role. Seem to have almost psychic like ability of knowing the solutions to the problems even before the problem presents itself.

This is thanks to years of experience and technical know how’s.

10. Yay for Fathers and Real Estate Agents!

And finally, let’s just take a step back and be thankful for the best crossovers ever – fathers who are real estate agents. The Avengers would be proud of you and we all absolutely look up to and love you![/fusion_text]