The election season is on and things are beginning to heat up real quick! A lot of things are happening all over the world, like Brexit for instance, that will affect the stock market and real estate markets, but closer to home, what will probably play a huge part in the real estate market is the result of the Presidential Election. How prepared are you?

Economic Uncertainty


Now when you hear ‘economic uncertainty’, it sounds negative but it does not need to be negative. It is in uncertain times that people can make the greatest profits. Why? Because a lot of people will be hesitating instead of taking action. When it comes to real estate, here is a figure that will be of interest to you. In 2008 the real estate market prices went down during the election. 1980 was the only other year the real estate market showed signs of any change. Otherwise it has always been on the rise.
There will always be economic uncertainty during an election year. Most people will remain unwilling to make major purchases during an election year. Buyers and Sellers will want to play the waiting game. – where they wait and watch as the political policies of a new president comes into play. It is estimated that the price of houses can see up to 3% rise, but then again this is not fixed. This is a great time to invest in the real estate market. During these times, the majority will tend to play the waiting game. This gives you an advantage if you are looking to invest. In the long run, this could be you hitting a home run. With great risks, comes greater reward!

Do Your Homework

realtor-cast-your-voteYou know how they say, knowledge is power? This rings especially true in times of uncertainty. You can go to the buyer or seller to discuss their fears and uncertainties.  Before making such an important decision.   There will always be people looking to buy and sell their homes. They will need someone knowledgeable and well informed to guide them in the process.

Be that person. Be the person who is able to erase the fears and answer the questions that people have. The way you can do this is to be well informed. Also, knowledge to be able to answer the questions that potential buyers or sellers may have. Don’t give advice if you lack knowledge and details that will help clients make the right choice. So go ahead, and do your homework!

Adjust Your 2017 Goals Accordingly


Keep one thing in mind. No matter what the political affiliations of your clients and customers are there are a few basic things that interest everybody. Having a nice comfortable dream home is one of those things. It is best for you to network with people regardless of which party they support or vote for.
Your goal should be to add value to their life. You can network with likeminded people. One way is to volunteer at local politicians headquarter. You do not want to chase away someone just because they have a different political belief. Its best to break down barriers and connect with them. You can get more leads and you also come off as a professional. It’s best to come off as someone who is not blinded by his or her political affiliations. Focus on giving and generating great value for his or her clients and customers. That should be your goal for 2017 and beyond!


What Tomorrow Holds…

presidential_election_2016Cast your vote and enjoy the presidential election campaign and this election season. This is a historical election. Your work as a real estate agent can thrive regardless of the outcome if you make the right moves. Tomorrow is uncertain and unpredictable. Putting your skill set to work will ensure great rewards for both you and your clients.