There’s no doubt that smart advertising is the key to marketing your property. The key to accomplishing successful sales. But how to find a surefire sale is a pressing question every marketer struggles with. There is no absolute answer to this. The best time and location is key when advertising the property. This can save you more than half the struggle. Online ads that appear on the viewer’s first browser screen are seven times more effective. Ads that appear five times or more are 12-15 times more effective. Ad placement and time is critical to its effectiveness, and in this post, we will help you get that right. Read on to know the best times and locations for advertising properties.


clock-95330_960_720Timing your advertising is an important factor. Consider this when trying to sell or rent a property. Get your ads up and rolling as soon as possible. If you advertise too early chances are the ads might get stale, and people may lose interest. Advertising too late can result in loss of a great potential buyer. You should time your advertisements, neither too early, nor too late. The best time frame to send the flyers out is typically the middle of the week since most people begin planning their weekends by Wednesday or Thursday. Sending the flyers out midweek and putting on the signs strategically will get them noticed at just the right time and you will be able to grab your space on your potential buyer’s schedule. Strategically timing your ad will allow you to sell the property swiftly. Sending the flyers out will get them noticed at the right time. You will be able to grab your space on your potential buyer’s schedule. Timing your ad will allow you to sell the property.


ipad-632394_640An ideal location is another major factor. This contributes to the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Clever advertisers and marketers know where they will find their target audience. They focus their efforts in that place to greatest results. Identify your potential buyer. Research for strategic locations. This is where you are most likely to find buyers and draw their attention.

Grocery stores and mailboxes can be great places to start. Almost every individual visits these places to run weekly errands. Placing signs and putting flyers around these places will help you find a buyer. Look for other prominent places. Clubs, shopping malls, parking lots are places where buyers congregate. You should distribute your flyers and publish signs.

You could also send out your flyers along with local newspapers. Newsletters are also as effective as flyers. When it comes to advertising your property.

Get Mobile


Today, 92% buyers use the internet for research before making a sale. Google search has become the starting point of every home buyer’s property research. This has made online advertising indispensable anybody looking to sell a property.

Leverage online advertisement with the help of social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter, online directories, etc., is the easiest way to draw buyers. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to spread the word out. Create a list of your network and send out an email blast to call in all the potential buyers.

Being responsive to your online marketing efforts is important. Make sure you engage with your potential buyer’s queries on social media. This will get quicker results.

Advertisers and marketers are also suggested to think out-of-the-box. They experiment with all the latest marketing techniques to achieve better results. Online marketing is the best way to do so.

An effective ad campaign is a balance between right timing, and ideal strategy. This caters to your end goal. Make sure you access all to develop a winning marketing and ad campaign for your property.