The offer has been accepted, closing date is set, and you are early waiting for the deal to get done. When selling or purchasing a property and closing the deal, many things can go wrong for both parties. It can take up to 40 days to close a real estate deal. Events like a home inspection and other important details can mess up your deal. There are things that a home buyer or seller must avoid too close a real estate sale the easy way. A mortgage lender might include a new course of action. The buyers can misinterpret the assignment.

Here is a list of the most important things you should avoid too close your deal on time and without hassle:

  1. Interview Your Sellers or Buyersinterview-1077974_640

    The moment the seller and buyer agree on a set price, it is time to get down to the business. To avoid surprises during the closing process, it is advised to interview and get to know the other party. Create a bond of trust before initiating the final process.

  2. Stay On Top of Your Escrow

    To buy a house, escrow and mortgage is the most important thing that will get things done towards the end. Understand and fulfill all your Escrow requirements beforehand. Stay in constant touch with the lender company, every step of the way. Staying in touch with your buyers or sellers and making sure all requests are met. This will also lead towards a timely completion of the process.

  3. Avoid a Transaction Hung Up

    The last thing you want while closing the deal is to get your money hung up by the Escrow company. To avoid this big nightmare, make sure you fill out all your forms. Be accurate and submit the right documents to close escrow.

  4. Don’t Make Other Big Purchasesclosing_nightmares_dont make big purchases

    New buyers get tempted to splurge on new furniture, appliances, and other house items. But, closing in on your credit line before closing is not advisable. It can affect your debt-to-income ratio and high balance can also result in credit failure. The closing costs can also exceed the buyers’ expectations. You might need extra cash to close the deal.

  5. Don’t Change Jobs

    To get a mortgage, one is required to remain in the employment for consecutive two years. Lenders do an extensive background check of income and employment. In the beginning of the process and during the closing date time. If you quit your job or change your fields, the loan could get canceled.

  6. Evaluate the Home Appraisal with Agreed Sales Price

    Such situations are rare, but they do happen. A mortgage lender conducts an evaluation of home’s value. This is based on property, condition, and comparable sale prices in the area. If the appraised value is lower than the price, the buyer and seller might have to renegotiate the terms. A seller may or may not lower the asking price to match the appraised value. To avoid this, hire a home inspector. They can calculate the home’s value. They can match it with the seller’s price before initiating the process. Wondering what else could go wrong or things you should avoid for a smooth real estate closing? Contact an experienced agent and leave no stone unturned to secure the end of the deal.