Aspiring Realtors

Being a Realtor is a fun, lucrative and exciting profession. Few other careers offer the flexibility and independence with such a high level of financial compensation that being a Realtor can provide. You can work when you want to, and choose the area of real estate that you enjoy the most. Whether you work in residential, commercial or industrial real estate, being a Realtor is a great way to build your prosperity on your own terms, provide significant value to others and truly enjoy what you do every day.

Becoming a Realtor is simple. Once you verify your age (18 or 19 depending on your state’s age requirements,) and prove that you are a US Resident, you can apply for and enroll in a licensed Real Estate course. This course will provide you with the education and the correct number of required pre-license educational hours you need in order to be licensed in your state. Upon completion of the course, you need to take (and pass) the the Real Estate License Exam for your state.

But is it really that easy? With the right education, it can be. As with any licensed profession, the licensing school you choose will directly affect how well you learn and your ease in passing the Real Estate License Exam. That is why many aspiring Realtors choose to take the real estate licensing courses online. In the past, most Real Estate Licensing courses were offered only in person, you had to attend at a specific date, at a specific time and in a specific location. The education and information you received was at the complete discretion of the instructor. Today, we are fortunate to have the convenience of online Real Estate Licensing courses. Students have the freedom of flexible scheduling, the ability to go at their own pace, to learn in the comfort of their own home or environment of their choice and have access to the latest information and education culled through many resources and up to date channels. It is a different world today, one that makes it easy to get started and be successful in real estate, right from the start.

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