Real Estate is a lucrative business, yet like most other businesses it requires a lot of hard work and commitment. This guide will help you avoid the common roadblocks that slow down new realtors. You can avoid most of these roadblocks by focusing more on the people you’re selling to rather than the property you’re selling.

If you’re persistent and dedicated, you will earn a name for yourself. Listed below are the top 5 roadblocks that are faced by new real estate agents:

pexels-photo-70292Road Block 1: Listening with the intent of replying

My first tip to all the new realtors is “Listen to understand, not to reply”.

One of the top complaints from Real Estate Customers is that the agents do not listen. To understand the demands of the customer, this should be the first priority.

Seek to understand your customer and find a win-win deal that satisfies both parties. Arguing with the customer will ruin the relationship that you have with them. They’re less likely to do business with someone who is not emphatic to their needs.

Road Block 2: You know better than the Customer

Nobody likes a know-it-all. Most new Real Estate Agents have this attitude. It comes off as if that they know the needs of the customer better than the customer himself. Customers hate “pushy” agents. Don’t offer your opinion where it is not needed. Let the customers decide what they like. Help them refine their choices by offering advice where needed, but don’t make their decisions for them.

If a customer wants a house with 2 bedrooms and no kitchen, you must not convince the customer into buying a house with 3 bedrooms. Instead, put all your efforts into finding the house that matches the customer’s requirements. This will help you build a solid relationship with the customer in future.

filmmaker-2838945_640Road Block 3: Showing signs of Desperation

Many times fresh Real Estate Agents get in to, what we call a ‘Desperate Talk’. That is the point in a conversation, where you keep on talking to convince the customer into Buying or selling. That’s when you lose perspective and end up over-committing. Avoid this urge of desperation at all times in Real Estate.

If the customers perceive you to be desperate, it is unlikely they will trust you. Keep calm, hold your nerves and listen to the preferences of customers rather than giving the customer an onslaught of what you have to offer.

Road Block 4: Manners don’t matter

In this chaotic world of cell phones and gadgets, we have somehow forgotten the importance of manners in Business. Real estate agents are constantly jotting texts and attending phone calls in-front of clients. That is just plain rude and it can become a serious road block to the success of Realtors.

Using cell phones in the presence of a client seems disrespectful. It also hampers your face-to-face communication skills with the client. When you’re dealing with a client, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Try to avoid attending a call in the presence of a customer
  • Use greeting like “Thank you”, “Have a good day” and shake hands
  • Keep your eye contact with the client
  • Open doors for the clients
  • Never keep your client’s call on hold

Simple courtesies like that will help you leave a lasting impression on your client. They’ll remember your manners the next time they’re out in the real estate market.

Road Block 5: Quitting too soon

Closing a deal in a real estate business requires time and commitment. You must be consistent in your efforts if you plan to succeed in the realm of real estate. Fresh realtors start with a lot of enthusiasm. They’ll spend a lot of energy finding new clients. However, they’re also quick to abandon a deal when things get a little tough.

You can never make a name of yourself if you’re unable to maintain long-term relationships with your clients. When things get tough, you get tougher. Quitting will not solve any problems.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you should never quit. Sometimes during the course of a deal, you may realize that a win-win does not exist. Instead of trying to profit at the expense of your customer, it is better to be honest with the client and move on. The client will remember your honesty, and he may come back to you in future with a better deal.

People are the most important aspect of a business like real estate. You’re not selling a property, you’re selling trust. If you can’t get people to trust you, you will never be able to close a deal. Most real estate agents struggle because they’re so focused on making a sale. They forget to cultivate a relationship with the people who’re they’re selling to. Don’t become one of them. Win people over, business will follow.