First, let me congratulate you! You have passed the real estate agency exam and deserve a pat on the back. All the hard work you have put into this project so far has brought you the success you have wanted.  but this is just the start! NOW is when the words turn into action. So get ready to transform your knowledge to experience and money and success.

What can you do to become a SUPER AGENT? Well, we have got some ideas for you!

1. Prepare to be a Star – Not Just Overnight

tie-690084_960_720There is a misconception that people have when the see successful people in any field. They think success has been carved out overnight. This is usually not the case and what looks easy and simple, have been practiced and sweated upon for hours on end.

Have patience and realize that this journey of yours to becoming a SUPER AGENT is a marathon; not a sprint. Yes. You will eventually be making money and getting commission checks. Do not worry or feel depressed if it doesn’t happen overnight. The reality is it takes time to garner enough experience and apply the knowledge you have into action.

2. Have a Cash Cushion!

Cushions are comfortable, and cash makes life comfortable! Make sure you have saved enough cash for all your needs for at least three months. That is right – at least 3 months.

This will let you focus on your career in real estate. Instead of adding more stress of looking for ways to pay the bills. It is good to have a part time job. Work on small projects that will add to your bank balance without eating up a lot of your time. You could be waiting tables and not just making cash but also meet potential clients. The same goes for driving an Uber, and meeting potential clients while also making money on the side.

Having extra cash on hand is always helpful.  This will also give you the confidence and time to apply all that you have learned into action.

3. Join the Real Estate “Avengers”

teamwork-383939_960_720Yes, there is more than one superhero and guess what? You can learn from them and become a superhero too. Mentorship is a great way to ensure that not only you learn from the best out there. You will also avoid the mistakes that other people who have made.

It is quite common to feel inferior at the beginning.  Others in the group may be more qualified and successful. Just know that they have been one day in your shoes, and there is no reason why you won’t be one day in their shoes. Become a ‘skill sponge’ and absorb all the knowledge. Learn tips and tricks that you can use in your journey to becoming a SUPER AGENT.

4. Build a Web Presence

More people are spending more time online than ever before. You need to have your own ‘real estate’ online too.  A website, blog, or social media accounts that are frequently updated. This will ensure that people know of the services you offer and how to reach you.

We are living in times where someone who is not online will miss out on a large chunk of revenue and commissions.  This also gives you the chance to share your experiences
with others.  This will help with  actively seeking out mentors.  All while learning from those who have more knowledge and experience than you.

5. Trust on Your Gut Instinct

business-1477601_960_720This may sound vague, but the truth is as an Agent you need to learn to trust your gut instinct. Some may even call it the sixth sense.  remember this journey of yours will eventually
lead you to make some mistakes.  You might do things that others might not have done. It could bring you immense success and commissions.

Success will never have just one rule book. As an agent, think of yourself as an entrepreneur.  You need to continue to hustle and make the best deals out there. Have the guts to trust your gut instinct.

6. Add Value!

Worry about adding value and not adding money to your bank account. The truth is, if you are adding value and enriching the lives of people, you will make money.

Yes, undoubtedly! A lot of people make the mistake of focusing on money, instead of focusing on the needs of people.

Make sure you add value to people and watch how that makes you invaluable!

Final Word

All said and done; it is now your turn to get going and set the stone rolling. Have an enjoyable ride out there! Here is to YOUR success!”